Network Rail
2015 24 Aug

Rail plant competence update for machine / crane controllers

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Who does this affect?

  • All machine controllers and crane controllers for on track plant and on track machine
  • Sponsors of current competence holders
  • All Sentinel Administrators
  • All industry approved training and assessment providers

What is changing?

It has been identified that the competences for large numbers of Machine Controller’s and / or Crane Controllers are due to expire on the 25 September 2015 and that certain individuals competences have exceeded the mandated validity (re-assessment) period. Network Rail has agreed a 12 month extension for those individuals whose competences will expire on the 25 September 2015 and this will be effective from 11 September 2015.

All extended competence holders will be required to go through re-assessment within this extension period and Primary Sponsors shall use their own competence management system to prioritise their employee’s assessments. As part of the agreed assurance process, Primary Sponsors must demonstrate that they have provided a re-assessment for the percentage of their staff within the timeframe below as quarterly reports will be generated to monitor progress.

  • Between 11 September 2015 and 10 December 2015: 25%
  • Between 11 December 2015 and 10 March 2016: 50%
  • Between 11 March 2016 and 10 June 2016: 75%
  • Between 11 June 2016 and 10 September 2016: 100%

Further detailed communication can be found here: Controller Communication Industry_v3 0