Network Rail
2016 17 Jun

Sentinel upgrade postponed for further improvements

Posted in Communications

Sentinel is a trusted and mandatory safety tool which currently provides authority to work on the rail infrastructure by checking real-time competence and medical information. Site Access, the upgrade to Sentinel, will help manage fatigue and prevent double-shifting; this was approved at Trade Union consultation last year.

Last month we informed you that we were running a pilot in the Western Route to ensure the upgraded Sentinel technology meets customer needs; this full communication can be found here if you wish to read it again. The pilot ran for three weeks with identified users across Network Operations, Infrastructure Projects and Training Centres to show how the new mobile app and PC client worked in multiple environments. Thank you to those who were involved.

Overall, we had positive feedback from end users saying they liked the upgraded mobile app because it was intuitive and great for recording competence usage. However, the pilot identified some technology improvements which are needed to enhance the user experience and this has inevitably postponed our national launch date of 30 June 2016. We will confirm the new release date at the beginning of July once we have made improvements and re-tested the technology with the Western Route. We have listened to customers and will ensure the Sentinel system upgrade is fit for purpose before national release.

In the meantime, please continue to use existing Sentinel to verify staff competence and authority to work – it is a safety tool and should be used on every shift by the Controller or Site Safety (COSS) or Safe Work Leader (SWL). Sentinel helps to get everyone home safe every day and this short video emphasises the importance of it.