Network Rail
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“We often use the same suppliers as Network Rail so it is sensible and safer to have the same processes and standards wherever we can, so they don’t have to switch between the two. Joining Network Rail in the use of the Sentinel ID card is a fantastic example of where we can come together to make our industry a safer and more joined up place to be.”

George McInulty, Programme Director of Infrastructure, Transport for London (TfL)

“A strong compliance system should be at the heart of safety in engineering led workplaces. Sentinel does this job well, and compares favourably with other systems in other sectors.”

Neil Robertson, Chief Executive & Company Secretary, National Skills Academy for Rail (NSAR)

“The Sentinel conference was very enjoyable & a worthwhile day. It is always good to have events of this type to help re-focus on the things we all take for granted & I think this helps us to avoid complacency. It was good to be able to hear first-hand from TfL on future plans to include Sentinel (one card, one industry) and to know that Sentinel is looking at future technology.”

Technotrack Engineering Limited