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Information for Sentinel card holders and checkers:

1. Rules

The Sentinel Scheme rules were created for anyone involved in the system; they outline responsibilities, policies and breaches that must be adhered to. You can access the latest version (March 2020) of them here

2. My account and records

As a Sentinel card holder you have full access to your own records, including competency information here:

Don’t forget that if you have any questions then you can contact the Sentinel helpdesk on 0330 726 2222

3. The different ways to swipe-in with Sentinel

Swiping-in with Sentinel is a critical process to determine whether an individual has Authority to Work on the rail infrastructure. It must be done:

  • Every shift – 100%
  • Each time you work with a different Controller of Site Safety (COSS).
  • Upon request following an event, incident or investigation.

There are currently 6 ways to swipe-in with Sentinel which you can find on the poster here, however please use any of the top 3 as priority. The bottom 3 should only be used if you cannot conduct a full check using iPhone / Android or do not have a PC-connected card reader.

Click here to view the user guide to using the app.

4. Location Directories (for card checkers)

We have produced these handy site location guides to assist card checkers with sleecting their location when swiping in.

Click to download:


5. VIDEO: Consequences if you don’t swipe-in

Individual circumstances – such as medical fitness or competence records – can change daily and it is your duty as a Controller of Site Safety to ensure all of the track workers are safe, regardless of how well you know them. Sentinel carries live information and provides you with that reassurance. How would you feel if something happened to one of your colleagues because you didn’t check their card one day? Watch this video to understand the potential consequences.

6. Card holder FAQs

Download questions that are frequently asked by card holders (pdf)

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