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Information for sponsors:

1. Rules

The Sentinel Scheme rules were created for anyone involved in the system; they outline responsibilities, policies and breaches that must be adhered to. You can access the latest version (June 2018) of them here


Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS), formerly known as Achilles, has been developed to provide a service for the qualification of suppliers for all products and services that are procured by the industry. RISQS supports Network Rail, LUL/Transport for London, passenger, light rail and freight train operators, rolling stock organisations, main infrastructure contractors and other rail products and services providers in the management of supply chain risk.

In order to be a Sponsor you must be compliant with RISQS; for further information please see here:

3. COSS pre-course workbook

Have you identified a talented track worker in your organisation, who has the potential to become a Controller of Site Safety (COSS)? If so, you should use this pre-course workbook to help determine whether they have the right experience and non-technical skills to be put forward for the COSS training: Pre-course workbook

4. Sentinel card cost

Download > Sentinel card cost (pdf)

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