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Two factor authentication will be released for mySentinel and Sentinel app on 13th February 2024, please ensure that your details are registered on mySentinel and are correct.

Information for training & medical providers


The Sentinel Scheme rules were created for anyone involved in the system; they outline responsibilities, policies and breaches that must be adhered to. You can access the latest version (March 2020) of them here:

The Rail Training Accreditation Scheme (RTAS) rules are associated with the delivery of rail training. More information can be found here.


Accessing your Sentinel account

As a Sentinel training or medical provider, you will need to view and update records in the system. It couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is log into the portal here: If you do not have access or have forgotten your login details then please contact the Sentinel helpdesk on 0330 726 2222. Once you have logged into your account, you will be able to access the dashboard in order to:

  • Manage your account
  • Search for individuals
  • Carry out a web check
  • Notify training, assessment and event results
  • Manage trainers / assessors
  • Record medical results
  • Record drugs & alcohol (D&A) results

The dashboard is self-explanatory, however you can find some step-by-step user guides below if you need additional help. Alternatively, please call the helpdesk.

Virtual Sentinel Cards

Swiping in an individual for training or assessments

A virtual Sentinel card carries the same authority and function as the physical card and can be used to swipe in when attending training and lineside assessments. Physical cards will still be in circulation and all individuals will still be issued one when they join the scheme, as virtual cards are an optional extra. The virtual card will look and scan the same as a physical one and will still display:

  • A photograph
  • Name
  • Sentinel number
  • Restriction identifiers
  • QR code

When swiping in, if the delegate is using a virtual Sentinel card, they must present it using Vircarda, the wallet app where virtual cards will be stored. Copies or screengrabs of virtual cards can not be used to swipe in due to the technical security behind them. This will ensure the virtual card you swipe is genuine.

Using a virtual Sentinel card as ID for training

If a delegate presents a virtual Sentinel card as a form of ID, they can take a screengrab and email it to the trainer or training provider to supply them with a copy for training records only. The screengrab must be taken from Vircarda, not be cropped and show their name, Sentinel number and photograph, to prove it is a genuine virtual Sentinel card.


NSAR Ltd work alongside Sentinel by offering wide railway industry support to tackle current and future skills needs within the railway engineering industry. They also help to ensure the Rail Training Accreditation Scheme (RTAS) rules are adhered to. For more information about NSAR Ltd please have a look on their website:

You can visit their online directory of accredited training providers to search for a specific course or provider.

Managing your Sentinel account

Download >managing your account - USER GUIDE (pdf)

Managing individual records in Sentinel

Download >managing individual records - USER GUIDE (pdf)

Manage trainers and assessors in Sentinel

Download >managing trainers and assessors - USER GUIDE (pdf)

Notify training and event results in Sentinel

Download >notifying training and event results - USER GUIDE (pdf)

Recording medical results in Sentinel

Download >recording medical results - USER GUIDE (pdf)

Q&A from the Training Provider Forum

You can read the FAQs regarding the Sentinel upgrade, Site Access, here