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My Sentinel
Two factor authentication will be released for mySentinel and Sentinel app on 13th February 2024, please ensure that your details are registered on mySentinel and are correct.

Our technology

The Sentinel card has a unique QR code printed on the front and when this is scanned by the Sentinel App, it automatically accesses part of the cardholder’s record in the Sentinel database. The relevant information about the cardholder is displayed on the App for the Card Checker to determine their Authority to Work. It is also compatible with Near Field Communication (NFC). The Sentinel Card can also be swiped using a compatible card reader and Sentinel software installed on a PC. (Software is free to download and can be found at the bottom of this page)

The Sentinel App will work on iPhone 4 and above running on iOS 10 or later and on Android v6 or later.  You can install the Sentinel App for free via the App Store or Google Play. The Sentinel App is no longer available on Windows phones.

If you want to use a PC-connected smartcard reader to verify AtW, you must use one of the recommended devices below. We cannot provide any type of support for clients who buy alternative readers.

Approved card readers:
  • Identiv uTrust 3700 F
  • Identiv uTrust 4701 F
  • HID Omnikey 5022
  • HID Omnikey 5023
  • HID Omnikey 5422
  • HID Omnikey 5427 CK
  • HID Omnikey 6121

The correct driver for the card reader needs to be installed on to your PC. Depending on the IT structure within your organisation, you will either be able to install the driver yourself or you will need to contact your IT department. You also need to install the PC Client software for free at the bottom of this page.

Download Sentinel Live Client Installer Sept 2023 (zip)
Download Guidelines (pdf)