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Additional resources for all users of Sentinel including videos, fact sheets and safety hour conversation packs.

Behavioural videos

01. Swiping-in workers with the Sentinel mobile app
A short video to outline the main functionality with Sentinel...swiping-in ALL card holders with the mobile app...
02. Forgetting your Sentinel card
A short video to outline how forgetting your Sentinel card at work can mean you get denied access...
03. Checking competences with Sentinel
A short video to emphasise how important checking Sentinel cards on each shift is...
04. How a Track Visitor should be greeted by a Controller of Site Safety
A short video to show best practice / behaviour when a Track Visitor arrives at a work-site...
05. Recording a Safety Brief with Sentinel
A short video to show how a Controller of Site Safety (COSS) should conduct a Safety Brief - and ensure everybody is listening...
06. Being alert and vigilant at all times
A short video to show how being alert and aware of your team allows you to pick up on clues that may cause concern and prevent injuries / fatalities from occurring...
07. Changing location during a shift
A short video outlining the correct protocol to follow in Sentinel when changing location during a shift...
08. Understanding how to check your own competences in Sentinel
A short video to show how any Sentinel card holders can easily check their own records and competences...
09. Addressing “Big Brother” concerns
A short video to address track worker concerns and worries that Sentinel is like "Big Brother" and tracking their every move...
10. Swipe-in consequences
No card, no entry. Watch this video to understand the real consequences of not getting your card swiped every shift.

Safety Discussions

Sentinel Safety Hour Discussion Pack
Sentinel safety hour discussion pack aimed at all users of the system.

Site Access supporting documents

MySentinel Fact Sheet
A4 Poster explaining how to log in and use your MySentinel account.
Sentinel App Fact Sheet
A4 Poster explaining how to swipe in using the Sentinel app.
Sentinel Site Access detailed user guide
A comprehensive step-by-step user guide on how to use the mobile app, PC client and MySentinel