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Two factor authentication will be released for mySentinel and Sentinel app on 13th February 2024, please ensure that your details are registered on mySentinel and are correct.

Information for sponsors

Sentinel is the rail industry’s Authority to Work system that enables you to work safely on the infrastructure. Sentinel is owned and run by Network Rail, for the industry, and is supported by the Sentinel Scheme Rules. The Sentinel Scheme Rules apply to everyone who uses Sentinel and outline responsibilities and policies that must be adhered to. You can find a copy here.

Sentinel complies with the Data Protection Act 2018. The system holds limited personal information and this will not be shared with any other company.

Network Rail has updated its Sentinel personal data arrangements in line with the ICO statutory “Data Sharing Code” which came into effect 22nd March 2022. To view the arrangements, click the link below. These should be followed in conjunction with the Sentinel Scheme Rules.

How to become a Sponsor

For an organisation to become a sponsor on Sentinel they must register with an approved supplier assurance provider. Sponsors who are listed as trackside in Sentinel must pass an annual audit, conducted by the supplier assurance provider, to keep their sponsorship in Sentinel.

An organisation registered with an approved supplier assurance provider as a non-trackside Sponsor shall be subject to a random management system audit, to demonstrate that the organisation has documented processes for the key management system requirements, required to be a non-trackside Sponsor.

Sponsor responsibilities

Each Sponsor is responsible for the safety of the individuals they sponsor and must provide them the appropriate PPE to do their job. The issuing and payment of Sentinel cards is also the responsibility of the Sponsor at a cost of £47 per year, per individual they sponsor. A Sentinel administrator can order new or replacement cards for the individuals you sponsor. Delivery of Sentinel cards can take up to 10 working days.

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