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Sentinel mass Swipe out – 8 January 2018

Posted in Communications

On the 8 January 2018, all people showing on the Sentinel system as being swiped in for 24 hours or more will be swiped out.

This one-off activity will clear a backlog of incorrect data on the system, giving everyone the opportunity to start afresh by using the system correctly, as described below.

People, who swipe in on 8 January 2018, will not be affected and should continue using the swipe in and out functionality as normal.

Sentinel functionality is not expected to be affected as part of this as it will all be implemented seamlessly in the background.

Who will be affected?
All Sentinel Cardholders who have been swiped in but not swiped out for more than a day will see their swiped in hours log reduced to zero.

Sentinel Cardholders swiped in as “On Call” over this period may find they have to swipe in again, however they will not be asked to complete a Risk Assessment

All other Sentinel Cardholders will remain unaffected.

What should the COSS / Person in charge do?
Always make sure you use the Sentinel app on every shift as follows:

Select location and Swipe in cardholders at the start of each shift

Continue working at another location
Select this option for cardholders who are moving to secondary, tertiary, etc. locations within the same day (if applicable). This will swipe them out of the previous location, allowing the next COSS/ PIC to swipe them in as normal

Finish work for the day
Select this option to swipe out cardholders at the end of the their working day


If from the 8 January 2018, a COSS / Person in Charge notices people haven’t been swiped out for more than a day, they have the following options:

They can just swipe them in as normal, however in this case the COSS/ PIC would not be able to change their basic fatigue/shift information on the app

They can swipe them in, swipe them out immediately after and then swipe them in again. This will reset the cardholders’ information allowing the COSS/ PIC to change the cardholders’ basic fatigue/shift information on the app. In this case, the COSS/ PIC will be asked to do a Risk Assessment.

All Cardholders should make sure they have been swiped out at the end of their working day.

Why is this being done?
This activity is part of a wider system upgrade.

It will give cardholders the opportunity for a fresh start in their swipe in/out records.

Swipe in vs swipe out data will be reported on going forward.

Why is it good for you as the customer?
From a Health and Safety perspective, swiping out (i.e. swipe off) at the end of shift is aligned to fatigue risk management and enables automatic checks to show staff have had sufficient rest i.e. hardwire the 12 hour rest rule into the normal Sentinel authentication process. It will also:

  • Reduce and deter double shifting
  • Enable the recording of fatigue risk assessments
  • Reduce the amount of paperwork completed on site

If you have any questions please contact our 24/7 helpdesk by phone or email. You will be provided with a ticket reference number and an operative will help to resolve your query as quickly as possible:

Tel: 0330 726 2222