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2018 24 Jan

Update for all Sentinel Administrators

Posted in Communications

What is changing?
As of Thursday 25 January 2018, the facility to create additional Sentinel accounts for existing Sentinel administration account holders was  removed. This means that end users can no longer create a Sentinel login for their colleagues. We have also be withdrawn the Sponsor Admin Read Only account platform.

Who does this affect?
This change affects all Sentinel Administrators across the following platforms:

  • Sponsor Administrator
  • Training Provider
  • Trainer & Assessor
  • Medical Provider

When will this happen?
These changes took place on 25 January 2018

Why is Network Rail doing this?
The GDPR, or General Data Privacy Regulation, will come into force in May of 2018 and requires organisations to be stringent about the way they obtain, store, manage and utilise personal data and regulate the availability of that data to others. Due to these regulations and the nature of the data that Sentinel records, we are only permitted to provide Sentinel database access to individuals that are within a number of approved roles. We have introduced a new Sentinel WebCheck platform which will allow a reduced visibility of Sentinel whilst remaining compliant with the new legislation. The Sentinel card reading technology must remain the primary focus for our userbase. To confirm the authority to work, the individual has chosen to present their card and is therefore aware that their personal data will be viewed.

What do we do if we need to create new users?
Organisations that require additional administrator logins should contact the Sentinel Helpdesk for assistance. They will need to provide the users email address, organisation and a short justification (or description detailing what activities the new user will be carrying out).

We are aware this may have an impact on some operational organisations and we don’t want to prevent anybody from working, so we will be implementing a new Service level agreement (SLA) for user access requests with the aim of processing all requests within two working days.

Is there anything else that we need to be aware of?
Please do not share login details with other individuals across your organisation. All activity within the Sentinel database can be traced back to the user id that was used to login. This means that if you have given your username and password to someone else and they make a mistake, this could be traced back to you. Don’t get caught out – always keep usernames and passwords private.

All Sentinel Sponsors and other service providers that retain access to the Sentinel database are responsible for suspending Sentinel logins after any of their administrators’ employment has been terminated. To do this, please contact

Individual card holders may continue to access their own Sentinel profile and print their electronic competence log book and swipe history via MySentinel. This can be used as evidence to support further training, recertification and assessments. Accounts can also be created and viewed in MySentinel.