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2018 26 Mar

Guidance on how to use the Swipe In/Out functionality

Posted in Communications

With safety at the forefront of what we do in NR, it is crucial that we maintain safe access to the infrastructure.

Incidents where staff have managed to access a worksite, despite the fact their competences had expired their medicals were invalid or they hadn’t had sufficient rest, pose a significant risk for both the individual and their colleague.

It is therefore important that the Sentinel system is used to control access to a worksite.

By accessing the Sentinel app through using Swipe In/Out, people are making use of the full Sentinel System functionality that enables safe access to the infrastructure.

It’s only through Swipe In/Out that the below functionality is enabled:

  • Basic Fatigue Management: Ability to swipe out and trigger the 12hr rest clock
  • Card Checker to select/ check the cardholder’s sponsor: Sponsor related automatic denial of access averages 21% of all automatic denial incidents
  • Recording of Safety Briefs / Site Inductions
  • Deters double shifting
  • Recording use of competences during shift worked

Please see below guidance on how to use the Swipe In/ Out functionality on the Sentinel app:

What should the COSS / Person in charge do?
Make sure you use the Sentinel app on every shift as follows:

  • Select location and Swipe in cardholders at the start of each shift to check their competences before allowing them access to the infrastructure
  • Continue working at another location
    Select this option for cardholders who are moving to secondary, tertiary, etc. locations within the same day (if applicable). This will swipe them out of the previous location, allowing the next COSS/ PIC to swipe them in as normal (without the need for a risk assessment)
  • Finish work for the day
    Select this option to swipe out cardholders at the end of the their working day