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2021 7 Apr

Sentinel card copies

Posted in Communications

To: Sponsor admins NR/SC, Sponsor read only NR/SC, CDS (NR)

We understand some Sentinel sponsors are withholding Sentinel cards from the people they sponsor, directing them instead to use printed copies or photo images stored on their phone.

The Sentinel Scheme Rules give examples of actions which would be a breach of those rules, including: “Any event of presenting a falsified or copied Sentinel Card, or claiming a false identity for the purposes of trying to gain entry on MI, undertaking a training/assessment activity, presenting themselves for a medical examination or drug and alcohol test.” (Rule 4.4)

Anyone intending to work on Network Rail and other infrastructure subject to the Sentinel Scheme Rules must present their original Sentinel card. Electronic or paper copies are not acceptable and will normally mean the holder is denied access to the work site.

If you are asked to swipe in an individual with anything other than a Sentinel card, please report this to with the Sentinel number and they will contact the sponsor. Sponsors who encourage breaches of the rules will be held to account.

If you have any queries, please contact the Sentinel Helpdesk at or
call 0330 726 2222

Thank you for your support.