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2022 8 Feb

Lookout Competence Update

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You will be aware Network Rail had committed to moving away from using human operated lookout warning systems by 31st July 2021. Your support has already enabled a significant reduction to the numbers of these competences being held across the industry.
There are further changes planned for completion over the next few months, which will allow us to strive towards the complete removal of the Lookout competences, where there are other possible solutions in place.

The changes that you are likely to observe before the end of February 2022, are as follows:

Lookout (LKT) at Fully Competent
Any remaining holders of the LKT Lookout combined competence will be awarded the SW Site Warden competence and LKT(U) Lookout Unassisted competence, with the award date recorded the same as the LKT Lookout combined competence. This step will not apply to expired competences. The original LKT Lookout combined competence held at any level other than Probationary, will be end dated.

LKT Lookout Combined at Probationary
The remaining LKT Lookout combined competences being held at Probationary level (level 2), will have a 4 month deadline applied to complete the post course workbook. Upon completion of the post course workbook and awarding of the corresponding event, the LKT(U) and SW competence will be automatically awarded at fully competent (level 3). The post course activity must be completed and the corresponding event to be awarded by the sponsor within this timeline, or the holder will be required to attend the new LKT(U) training course.

LKT Lookout Combined at Probationary – Out of Time
Any holders of the LKT Lookout combined competences at Probationary level (level 2) longer than the 4-month deadline will be required to attend the new LKT(U) training course.

Your continued support with this ongoing crucial programme to protect the safety of our workforce is greatly appreciated.

If there are any queries relating to the information provided in this message or any other Sentinel queries, please do not hesitate to raise them with the Sentinel Helpdesk via the e-mail address.