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UPDATE: The issue regarding new users downloading the Sentinel APP from the Google Play store has now been resolved.

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New to Sentinel and keen to learn more? Need a simple step-by-step leaflet to show how to use the mobile app? Do you like detail and require a comprehensive user-guide or "zero to hero" e-Learning? Have a look here:

Behavioural videos

1. Addressing “Big Brother” concerns
A short video to address track worker concerns and worries that Sentinel is like "Big Brother" and tracking their every move...
10. Swipe-in consequences
No card, no entry. Watch this video to understand the real consequences of not getting your card swiped every shift.
2. Recording a Safety Brief with Sentinel
A short video to show how a Controller of Site Safety (COSS) should conduct a Safety Brief - and ensure everybody is listening...
3. Swiping-in workers with the Sentinel mobile app
A short video to outline the main functionality with Sentinel...swiping-in ALL card holders with the mobile app...
4. Checking competences with Sentinel
A short video to emphasise how important checking Sentinel cards on each shift is...
5. Forgetting your Sentinel card
A short video to outline how forgetting your Sentinel card at work can mean you get denied access...
6. Understanding how to check your own competences in Sentinel
A short video to show how any Sentinel card holders can easily check their own records and competences...
7. How a Track Visitor should be greeted by a Controller of Site Safety
A short video to show best practice / behaviour when a Track Visitor arrives at a work-site...
Being alert and vigilant at all times
A short video to show how being alert and aware of your team allows you to pick up on clues that may cause concern and prevent injuries / fatalities from occurring...
Changing location during a shift
A short video outlining the correct protocol to follow in Sentinel when changing location during a shift...


Rail Training Accreditation Scheme (RTAS) rules
This document defines the rules and compulsory mechanisms for compliance of the Rail Training Accreditation Scheme (RTAS), along with the consequences of breaching those rules. The RTAS rules are associated with the delivery of rail training. This document is for those who provide training and assessment services - managed by Network Rail - to companies and individuals who conduct work on the Network Rail Managed Infrastructure (NRMI).

The rules outlined in this scheme are mandatory for all parties involved in the process.
Sentinel app improvements. Release date: August 2018
Coming soon to a Sentinel app near you. Four improvements will be made to the Sentinel app/ MySentinel.
Step by step guide with audio
Include swiping in, risk assessments, safety briefs and swiping out.


Sentinel e-Learning
This is an interactive e-Learning module that can be completed any time and takes approx. 60 minutes. It has been designed primarily for track workers, especially Controllers of Site Safety. It shows how to use the mobile app and PC client along with short video clips and a simple quiz to test understanding.
Click on the tab e-Learning for details on how to access the training.


1. Controller of Site Safety (COSS) pre-course workbook
This workbook is designed to help a Sponsor or line manager of a track worker determine if an individual has the right experience and non-technical skills to be put forward for the Controller of Site Safety (COSS) course.

Site Access supporting documents

1. New sponsor admin view – post 18 May 2016
The Sentinel system will be upgraded on Wednesday 18 May whilst a critical software update is applied. Once the system resumes normal service, some users will see minor changes in Core Sentinel which we have outlined in this document here.
2. New PC client view – post 18 May 2016
As a result of our Pilot Project which runs for one month from 18 May, there are some changes for those using the PC Client. This document outlines what you will now see and why.
6. Sentinel Site Access detailed user guide
A comprehensive step-by-step user guide on how to use the mobile app, PC client and MySentinel
7. Lone Worker step-by-step guide
A step-by-step guide to using the Loneworker App