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If you have ordered a new Sentinel card please make sure you have destroyed your old one as it will no longer work when swiping in. Always use your most recent card to swipe in.
Please report any issues to the 24/7 Helpdesk via the 24/7 Helpdesk - Tel: 0330 7262 222 or Email:


2016 7 Oct


Check a Card only option

Since updating the Sentinel app this week, we have recognised that there are two groups of users: Controllers of Site Safety (COSS) who would like a simplified version of the app – i.e. perform the same process as before by scanning a worker’s Sentinel card to retrieve competency, sponsor, and medical details, etc. Controllers of Site Safety (COSS) who […]

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2016 4 Oct


Upgraded app – available to download now!

A real achievement… We are happy to confirm that the upgraded Sentinel mobile app – which is designed to manage fatigue and prevent double-shifting by identifying when track workers has not had sufficient rest – has been released today! It can be downloaded / updated for free from the app store. Initial feedback… This Sentinel upgrade project, […]

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