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The locations in Sentinel have been updated to Route and Environment. Please make sure you fully close the Sentinel app and re-launch it to download the new locations.
For all Sentinel queries please contact the 24/7 Helpdesk - Email: or Tel: 0330 7262 222


2018 26 Mar


Guidance on how to use the Swipe In/Out functionality

With safety at the forefront of what we do in NR, it is crucial that we maintain safe access to the infrastructure. Incidents where staff have managed to access a worksite, despite the fact their competences had expired their medicals were invalid or they hadn’t had sufficient rest, pose a significant risk for both the […]

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2018 24 Jan


Update for all Sentinel Administrators

What is changing? As of Thursday 25 January 2018, the facility to create additional Sentinel accounts for existing Sentinel administration account holders was  removed. This means that end users can no longer create a Sentinel login for their colleagues. We have also be withdrawn the Sponsor Admin Read Only account platform. Who does this affect? […]

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2018 8 Jan


Revised 019 Standard 2017 Briefings

As of April 2017, The Planning and Delivering Safe Work programme made a change to the way we approach the management and planning ofwork. Fundamentally, there will be one person accountable for managing task and operational safety risk and that person will have been involved in the planning of the work. This will deliver better […]

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